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Our Story

It all started with one meal.

The Menu Manager is the Mid-Michigan area’s first locally owned Dinner Design Studio. Our goal is to help create the perfect menu for you. From specialty catering to home-cooked meals for each night of your week, our team is here to thoughtfully care for you. 

From a humble beginning, our team started off 17 years ago off of Eastman road. Now with our head Chef Annabelle McLaughlin at the stern, we are located off of Dartmouth Street and offer the most premier dining experiences. 

The Menu Manager team is passionate about creating beautiful menus and meals for you. We specialize in a wide range of services including but not limited to take & bake meal options offered at our shop, on-site catering, and private dining opportunities. Our team’s priority is making your foodie dreams become a reality!


Meet the Chef

Chef Ann McLaughlin

With over 20 years in food, service and culinary arts, Ann’s experiences have led her to her passion for connecting friends and family through food. The connection that food holds to memories is a driving force for Ann’s love of flavors. Ann holds family and friends as her greatest gift and once had a best friend named Roo, a rooster. Never a chicken for the pot… Only morning lap company during a cup of coffee or two on the back porch.

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